Thoughts that keep me awake at night.

Imagine if no X

And maybe we'll be free.

November 07, 2023

Imagine if no X, and every person you meet has an interesting fresh personal story to tell that you haven’t already read on the internet. You won’t find out what happened to your friend by reading a tweet, they tell you in person. Instead of leaving a reaction by tapping on a screen, you have an individualized face-to-face expression. You have a momentum and a conversation.

Imagine if no X, and you’re no longer a prisoner of an algorithm. You don’t constantly think what are you going to post next. Your life’s events aren’t built around the context of tweets. You don’t boil down your thoughts to squeeze them into a limited space available for characters. Your mind doesn’t crave for posts to feed from. There’s no habit to check what others are saying and there’s nothing to be missed.

Imagine if no X, and we would have articles instead of threads. People are either passionate enough to write a serious article, or they move on and continue their life without wanting to write with an intent to please people and harvest likes for attention. You wouldn’t miss anything if online threads cease to exist because if there was a piece of information that your life’s fulfillment was dependent on, then you’ll find it on your life’s path someday somewhere in a proper format.

Imagine if no X, and all the freed up time. You will get bored, but boredom is your friend. Boredom is valuable, X is useless noise. With boredom you have peace, with X you have misery. Boredom leads to great things, X leads nowhere.

Imagine if no X, and live a life of pretense. Walk in the street, talk to a stranger, and look at what happens in front of you as if there’s no X. Imagine, and maybe we’ll be free.

(When I started writing this blog post, Twitter was still Twitter, and not X. I replaced everything with X, and it makes more sense, because “X” can now be any social media.)

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