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About me


Hello there!

I’m unemployed, sorry I mean I’m POURIA 🦋. Currently based in Tehran.

I use web technologies such as TypeScript, React and Node.js to create things I find useful and interesting. Right now I’m fascinated by WebGL, Three.js, 3D graphics, math and generative art and music and I’m shifting my focus there.

I run a programming community called The Devs. I’ve created it in 2016, it’s a network of groups on Telegram where everyone can chat, discuss and be in touch with their fellow coders. It has now more than 20 specialized groups and more than 33000 members on the main channel.

I do some open source work too when I have free time:

Check out my my GitHub for more.

Want to say hi? Contact me via email [email protected] or Telegram @poeti8.

I could have published this website at least 2 weeks earlier if I hadn't used TypeScript.Try ↑ ↑ ↓ ↓ ← → ← → B A.This website is not tested, proceed with caution !!1!I care so much about my website being responsive. [my nose just growed longer by 1 inch]My eyesight got worse while building this website.My favorite hobby is spending days to create Spotify playlists and never listen to them again.I got a total of 0 matches on Tinder.