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About me


Hello there!

I’m Pouria, a web developer based on Tehran. Been interested in design and web development since young age and while started with simple Photoshop, HTML/CSS and jQuery, these days I mostly work with:

  • React (with Redux, Next.js)
  • Node.js (with Express.js)
  • TypeScript
  • MongoDB (with Mongoose)
  • PostgreSQL (with Knex.js)

The Devs

Created The Devs network in 2016, a programming community on Telegram to chat, learn and have fun, It now has +20 programming groups and +20K members on the main channel.


I like to do open source projects when I’m free:


Want to say hi? Contact me via [email protected] or Telegram.

My eyesight got worse while building this website.I could have published this website at least 2 weeks earlier if I hadn't used TypeScript.I created The Devs network while listening to Danny Brown.My favorite hobby is spending days to create Spotify playlists and never listen to them.My dad left me when I was 4 to get me ice cream and came back 5 minutes later.I care about my website being responsive so much, I just hope you're not visiting from mobile.I got a total of 0 matches on Tinder.