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December 01, 2019


I’m not famous, and nobody has ever asked me what I use, however, I felt the urge to let everyone know about it.

So let’s start.



Other configurations:

I’ve disabled the status bar, the activity bar, the minimap, breadcrumbs and basically any other visual noise if I ever notice them on the editor screen. I’ve also disabled linting and TypeScript checks so I don’t see errors. I’ll run commands on the terminal to perform those checks if needed.

Here are some notable configurations:

  "editor.fontSize": 15,
  "editor.lineHeight": 23,
  "editor.cursorWidth": 3,
  "editor.cursorBlinking": "phase",
  "editor.cursorSmoothCaretAnimation": true,
  "editor.minimap.enabled": false,
  "breadcrumbs.enabled": false,
  "workbench.activityBar.visible": false,
  "workbench.statusBar.visible": false,
  "window.commandCenter": false,
  "workbench.layoutControl.enabled": false,
  "workbench.activityBar.location": "hidden",
  "eslint.enable": false,
  "javascript.validate.enable": false,
  "typescript.validate.enable": false


  • 💰 1Password, manage passwords.
  • Adobe Premiere and After Effects, to make video.
  • Affinity Photo 2, edit the photos I’ve taken with my camera.
  • 💰 💘 Alfred 4, launcher, clipboard manager, scripts and more. I’ve created dozens of my own custom workflows to automate things.
  • Amethyst, I wasn’t into window managers until I used this one.
  • Amphetamine, keeping the display on for when needed.
  • Anki, flashcards. I particularry use is for languages and words.
  • AppCleaner, uninstall apps and all of their data.
  • Arc, the main web browser I use.
  • Blender, 3D design software. I’ve just started.
  • Docker, containers to run softwares in. The new desktop GUI makes it less painful to use.
  • Cmder, my go-to terminal when I’m on Windows.
  • Dozer, hide status bar icons.
  • Figma, design interfaces.
  • Firefox, my browser when I’m on Windows.
  • FUJIFILM X RAW STUDIO, edit photos I’ve taken with my Fujifilm camera.
  • IINA, media player.
  • iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh, my default terminal.
  • MonitorControl, control external display’s brightness.
  • Muse, control Spotify from the touch bar.
  • 💘 Notion, plan, save, track, write, everything.
  • Polarr, photo editor for when I want to quickly edit or resize images.
  • Port Manager, manage ports from the menu bar.
  • 💘 Processing, software and programming language to create visual art.
  •, neat bookmark manager (+browser extension).
  • 💘 Soulseek, peer-to-peer file sharing network.
  • Spark, email client.
  • 💰 Spotify, for both streaming or listening to local music. Follow me for epic playlists.
  • 💰 💘 Telegram, not just a messenger, it’s the main social media for me.
  • 💰 WorkingHours, track tasks and activities.


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