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December 01, 2019


I’m not famous, nobody has ever asked me what I use, however, I felt the urge to tell you guys about it. To be honest, it’s also a good reference for me to set up my workflow in a new environment.

Let’s start!



  • DotENV: Syntax highlighting for .env files.
  • ESLint: Lint JavaScript and TypeScript. Constantly reminds me I’m stupid because of importing modules that I don’t use.
  • Git Graph: Git graphs inside editor.
  • GitLens: Honestly, it has too many features I’m not even sure which ones I’m using.
  • Prettier: Format and beautify code.
  • Project Manager: Manage projects (Save, open, delete, etc).
  • TODO Highlight: Highlight todos in the code.
  • Toggle Quotes: Toggle quotes. Very useful in JavaScript.
  • vscode-styled-components: styled-components syntax highlighter.

Desktop apps

  • Adobe XD to design interfaces.
  • Alfred, launcher with tons of features.
  • Cmder, my go-to terminal when I’m on Windows.
  • Compass, a GUI to manage MongoDB.
  • Dozer to hide status bar icons
  • Firefox for both development and browsing.
  • IINA, modern media player.
  • iTerm2 + Oh My Zsh is my default terminal. Using the same theme as VS Code with Menlo font.
  • Notion, writing posts like this with it.
  • Pocket, to bookmark and save content.
  • PopClip, handly little app to perform actions when you select a text.
  • Port Manager, view and kill ports from status bar.
  • Postman, API client.
  • RunJS, JavaScript scratchpad and playground.
  • Spotify for music. Follow me for epic playlists.
  • Telegram, my favorite messenger. Lovely app.
  • TickTick, for TODOs. Tried so many apps before, but this one is really simple and fast to use. Great integration too.
  • Winds, for RSS and podcast.


  • Macbook Pro 2017, 13” base model.
  • Custom built gaming PC:

    • CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 2600
    • GPU: GEFORCE GTX 1050 TI (4GB 128BIT GDDR5)
    • RAM: 16GB, Crucial Ballistix Sport
    • Asus AB350-Gaming 3 motherboard
    • Micorsoft wireless mouse & keyboard (not gaming)



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